Welcome to the Sleep Clinic,

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

The Sleep Clinic at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the country.  We receive more than 1800 new referrals annually from across central England.  The Clinic runs up to three times per week under the supervision of specialist Sleep Consultants Dr Wharton, Dr Mukherjee and Dr Park.

Our service

The Clinic looks after a full range of sleep disorders.  Many of our patients have problems with their breathing during sleep such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) but the Clinic also specialises in narcolepsy, restless legs/periodic limb movements, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders and sleep behaviour disorders such as sleepwalking.

Patients can be referred to our sleep services by their GP or their hospital specialist.  On attending the Clinic patients are welcomed by the Clinic clerk with confirmation of name and address.  Weight and height is checked by the clinic nurse and the BMI calculated.  Patients already on therapy for sleep apnoea will also fill in a short questionnaire regarding their progress/satisfaction with the treatment.  All patients are seen by one of the consultants, a senior trainee working under close supervision, or a senior clinical physiologist with a special interest in the treatment of sleep disorders.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have for us.  We hope that you find our Clinic is welcoming and friendly.  We aim to address all your enquiries about sleep effectively and to provide a high quality service for the diagnosis and treatment of your problem.

Sleep studies

Following a first visit to the Sleep Clinic the doctor will frequently organise an overnight sleep study to investigate your problem. The study may involve an overnight stay in a dedicated bedroom within the hospital with extensive monitoring facilities, or a lightweight kit to take home and monitor your sleep in your own bed. Further information can be found in the ‘Sleep Studies' section of this website.

Sleep research

The Clinic contributes to active research programmes to improve the wellbeing of all those with sleep problems. We may ask if you are willing to provide information about yourself that may assist us in clinical trials and enhance better therapies for the future. All data are of course kept confidentially and trials are run with the approval an appropriate ethics committee.

Medical students

Birmingham Heartlands is a teaching hospital and there will often be medical students attending the Clinic. You will always be asked whether you mind having students observing during your consultation, and whilst we are very grateful for your support in helping educate future generations of doctors we fully understand if you choose that they should not be present.